From the recording I'm Rhonda's Sister

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R. Hosking
© 2020

I often go through life recklessly thinking
A move to the left might change what was right
In a blink of an eye I lost the fight, but I know it's alright
Better luck tomorrow

If tomorrow never comes
Will I be proud of the things that I done
Will my name live on by what was left behind
Will today be a waste of time
Chasing the years I been trying to out run
Life has limits hard to face
Praying for another day

I look at my mistakes cautiously flirting
With a fine line between the truth and a lie
The story bends the more I pretend, but I know it's alright
Better luck tomorrow

Repeat Chorus:

I rise and fall no different from anyone
I pray to God, better luck tomorrow

Repeat Chorus:
Praying for another day, God knows I pray
Better luck tomorrow