1. Wildflower

From the recording I'm Rhonda's Sister

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R. Hosking and Y. Takahashi
© 2020

I look for reasons to weather the season
A golden leaf falling from the tree
I know how to flirt and make it work
But always dancing wild and free

Love me or hate me you'll never tame me
This wildflower blowing in the wind
Cut me and place me on a mantel will break me
And destroy what you loved in the end
This wildflower kicking up dust again

This version of love is a prison of course
I can't feel the tall grass on my skin
You’re clinging to the minutes, praying for more time
I'm dancing with goodbye on my lips

Repeat Chorus:

Looking for a reason to weather this season
Your light is blinded by mine
Like the wind, on the move again
Cause you can't change this wild child

Repeat Chorus:
This wildflower kicking up dust again
yeah, this wildflower will always win