1. Clear Head

From the recording I'm Rhonda's Sister

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R. Hosking and C. Baker
© 2019

Verse One:
Nothing gets done without a clear head
No time for fighting, let's make love instead
Been down this road a million times
Feed the pain and hide behind a smile

Oh the shell the years have left behind
The open doors been closed a long long time
I gave my heart because you had my soul
Trust me now… and let it all go….let it all go

Verse Two:
Nothing gets done without a clear head
So I dust off the cobwebs and make my bed
Set my goals and carry out the plan
Meet new faces so I can find my clan

Repeat Chorus:

Let go of the fears keeping us down
Drop the rocks and float to the clouds
Be the change you want to see
Clear waters run deep

Repeat Chorus: