1. Greener Grass

From the recording I'm Rhonda's Sister

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Greener Grass
R. Hosking
© 2020

There's a dark cloud hanging in the sky
And no one can look you in the eye
The lines been drawn with blurred vision between right and wrong
I know my intentions, I can't be swayed
I work on me every single day

Sticks and stones when they're thrown
What goes up must come down
Dodge the rocks to protect my heart
Leave them laying on the ground
Avoid the gravel path
Find the greener grass

I been stuck repeating my mistakes
And hit the gas when I should hit the breaks
The road's been long and I can read the writing on the wall
I know your intentions, you can't be swayed
I still try every single day

Repeat Chorus:

I built the bridge and you burned it down
But I've got my wings to keep me off the ground

Repeat Chorus: