1. Resilient

From the recording I'm Rhonda's Sister

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R. Hosking
© 2020

I've walked to the edge of the earth
I've climbed a mountain
and for what it's worth, I've discovered
that I'm fragile, but I'm stronger than I imagined.

So you can push me to my limits
and you can tell me lies
I my scream or be silent
I might cower or fight
Throw your punches, I may be broken
But I'm resilient

This world is easily distracted
Chasing silver and gold
Because it's hard to find a single person
That I care to, share this journey on a lonely road.

Repeat Chorus:

So you have your troubles and I have mine
We all stumble and I'm not afraid to cry
When the road is crooked and your mind is bent
Lean on me, cause I'm resilient

Repeat Chorus: