1. Egg Shells

From the recording The Weatherman

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ASCAP LoveLloyd Music- Rebecca Hosking


© 2022

I’m a person with good intentions but I never was good enough
I tried to make you feel better, but it only made me feel small
You point out what I do wrong, so you have some where to hide
You feed on the attention and milked it your whole life

I’ve cried my last tear
No longer living in fear
Of breaking the eggshells I’ve been walking on
Maybe I’ll cry just one more
Try to change but what for
The eggshells were broken all along

You’re someone with good intentions always stuck in your own head
It only rains in your corner damned if anyone else ever felt sad
You say you only needed a shoulder you play the victim quite well
The price is too high I can’t buy what you sell

Repeat Chorus:

Even a person with the best intentions has a breaking point
I owned my behavior, and you were angered when I pointed out yours

Repeat Chorus.