From the recording The Weatherman

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ASCAP LoveLloyd Music- Rebecca Hosking


R. Hosking
© 2023

I fall and break from ignorance.
And the scar is a lesson learned
Each layer unfolds a journey so bold
And the grit begins to sting a little more
Than before

Stand Tall, living is hard
And the mysteries that hide in each waking breath
I walk proud with my head held high
For every loss there’s a phoenix waiting to rise
From the ashes
I’m still alive

They say with age comes wisdom
Then tolerance and growth
Then love for life and love for yourself
And the gift of having someone else
To lean on

Repeat Chorus:

It’s new day, there’s a new way, to fight the battles I face
And there’s a light that comes with the thunder
That always leads the way

Repeat Chorus: