From the recording The Weatherman

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ASCAP LoveLloyd Music- Rebecca Hosking


R. Hosking
© 2021

When I can’t find the words
That’s when I learn to sing
When I can’t find the sun
That’s when the rain comes and washes me clean

I’m not afraid of the dark, I find my way with your heart
And you lead me, and see me through
I can close my eyes, and meet you on the other side
And you sooth me and I sooth you
Two lost souls, find a different view

When you can’t find the path
That’s when you learn to fly
When you can’t catch the wind
That’s when the clouds lift you higher and higher

2nd Chorus:
Don’t be afraid to fall, I’ll catch you with my heart
And I’ll lead you, and see you through
You can close your eyes, and meet me on the other side
I sooth you, you sooth me too
Our lost souls, find a different view
We found our souls when we found a different view

When we can’t feel the touch
That’s when we learn to dream
When we can’t find the ground
That’s when drift away, gently to the sea