1. All My Heroes

From the recording The Weatherman

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ASCAP LoveLloyd Music- Rebecca Hosking


R. Hosking
© 2022

All my heroes make mistakes
Trip and fall and get up again
Kick up dirt on a dusty road
When you got nowhere left to go
Sometimes I like the quiet type
And the mystery that comes with the ride
But all my heroes are the cowboys
That aint afraid to make some noise

When the moon lights the night
You haven’t seen a dollar since your last dime
Down on your luck
With no one to love

All my heroes paved the path
Played the clown to get some laughs
Planned as far as tomorrow
Stayed longer when it’s time to go
I like it better outside the box
Fly with the eagles to catch the hawk
All my heroes are the underdog
That had to run just to get caught

Repeat chorus:

Are you going my way, if not well it’s okay
The heroes often take a lonely road

Repeat Chorus: