1. The Weatherman

From the recording The Weatherman

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ASCAP LoveLloyd Music- Rebecca Hosking


R. Hosking
© 2022

It’s anyone’s guess where we go from here
Ask the weatherman how long before the tears disappear
The sky is falling, the odds stacked against us
Rising water hiding the evidence, selling it with confidence

Kneel on your knees and pray, only God saves
Depends on who’s preaching
Don’t think we’re reaching heaven today
And the forecast is predicting rain

It’s tricky when you’re living a lie
Ask the weatherman which story is crazy enough to buy
The heat is melting lit the ground on fire
Devil rising saying lay down or fight, bearing arms cause that’s our right

Repeat Chorus:

Pinch me, wake me from this twisted reality
This side of history we fall, and I pray God forgives us all

Down on my knees I pray God give me grace
From this hell we’re raising
Each day heaven’s looking further away
And the weatherman is predicting rain
Yeah, the weatherman hangs his head in shame