ASCAP LoveLloyd Music


R. Hosking
© 2023

My life was built layer by layer, one step at a time
You never really know someone until they leave you behind
And I been wearing that bitterness, it don’t look good on anyone
And don’t look back unless you miss what you lost

Where you end is where I begin
Like a movie don’t bore the audience
Your last act and last line
Is going to haunt you the rest of your life
And the girl saves herself
Like a movie with a happy ending

Your life was safe night by night, a place you can hide
But I lost me trying to keep the peace and turning a blind eye
And you been wearing that bitterness, like a right of passage
Take a breath and flick your cigarette and don’t choke on the ashes

Repeat Chorus:

You throw left I dodge right relive the montage of all the times
You broke a promise and I let it slide
You won the battle but I won the war
Laid down my armor because I just don’t care anymore
Let the curtain fall

Repeat Chorus: